Why Join Us


1. No Booking Fees!
As a service provider, you do not pay any percentage on the bookings you get from customers on the platform.

2. Connect with your role models
No Middleman or Agent; you have direct interaction with customers who want to book your service.

3. Increase your revenue from events;
As a registered service provider (i.e. MC, DJ, Banquet server/waiter, Blogger, Vlogger, Photographer, etc.) you earn an additional income when the event you are attending is selling tickets through www.invite.eventxplora.com. You are paid an extra allowance based on ticket sales.

For example; You are booked for a birthday party as an event MC or DJ, If the organizer of the event is selling e-tickets through www.invite.eventxplora.com and you are a registered member of www.eventxplora.com, you are based an extra allowance from the coffers of eventXplora for providing service at the event alongside the payment received for your MC or DJ duties at the event.

4. Expand your fan base by linking your social media handles with your account on eventXplora and share your link with others.

5. Get access to a pool of customers who access www.eventxplora.com and www.invite.eventxplora.com regularly to seek for event service providers. There are no fees on the bookings you get from the platform. Be in the comfort of your home and receive job alerts and bookings!


1. Book your role model;
As a registered customer, you have access to the service providers on the website and you can book a verified provider ranging from actor/actress or an upcoming actor/actress etc. to grace your event (whether a birthday, community party, wedding, etc.).

2. Book a performer (e.g. Musician or an upcoming musician, comedian etc.) to perform at your event; whether an Award show, festive event or any other event (whether big or small).

3. Create an electronic or soft copy ticket or invitation card for your event:
The best way to monetize your event is to sell tickets to those attending to cover your cost. With just a click on www.invite.eventxplora.com , you are able to create an invent and sell tickets either for free or at a cost. If you intend to raise money for orphanages or any developmental project in your neighborhood then this is the best platform.

4. As a customer you do not pay any extra amount for booking a service provider on the platform.

5. Advertise your event (Party, wedding, funerals, etc.);
You can advertise your event with us to get more attendees and increase your ticket sales contact us via [email protected]

6. Review after event;
As a customer, you have the privilege to review the performance of a service provider after the event.